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The Purple Sheep approach is results based and delivering world class products. Though we are a limited liability company - we operate as a "partnership", prefering to engage on projects that motivate us because we know they are appropriate and needed, which will be fun to work on, will result in a definite benefit and be challenging!



We are not afraid to take on projects in difficult environments. We work across a broad spectrum of environments and organisations. That could mean working with people and helping rebuild institutions in chaotic "post conflict" environments , but it might also mean doing a corporate strategic review or facilitating a and managing a process of change in an company or organisation.



Our aims are to excel at what we do, deliver a client oriented service and  to work in interesting places, with great people and on challenging projects - and luckily we tend to most of these on our projects!


Skills & Experience

We like to draw on and use our collective skills where we can - it's always good to have people with complementary skills, perceptions and attitudes working together.


The Purple Sheep approach is with open minds, is creative and draws from our experiences and more importantly, builds on the experience and expertise of those we work with. Success at all levels is about listening, learning, interpreting and implementing - within our ethos and approach, these components are intrinsically linked.


All in all - our approach is based on high standards, sound values and creative interpretation. We are known to blow our own trumpet (someone has to), so if you want to find out a bit more about how we approach life and work - click on the following link and download our Purple Sheep Brand Essence.