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We are (and excuse the pun - definitely intended) a "flock" of like minded people.


We came together in 2005 as  a forum for the four original partners to be creative, have fun, do great things and work together. From there Purple Sheep has grown into a flexible groupof like minded individuals and organisations.


We all operate from the same basic intrinsic values and come together offering a wide range of skills - some conventional, some not! We are all independent - but work together when we can for Purple Sheep projects. We have complimentary skills  and an attitude that is positive and dynamic and which helps to bring together a wide collective experience, integrity, flexibility and creativity. Let's introduce ourselves:


Chris Walker

Chris specialises in strategic development from an information and organisational basis, working on projects that have included organisational reform and change process, reviewing and developing human resource and management information systems, strategic planning, project evaluation and management.

Chris's background is private sector, where logistics and distribution have provided a broad managerial and operational experience base. Over the last 20 years of consulting in a variety of environments, Chris has developed his expertise and experience specifically around organisational development, information systems and strategic change process. These have been across a variety of development sectors and countries and have included working in post conflict environments.

Chris is a Director of Purple Sheep and works from Fife, Scotland


Rob Ward

Rob specialises in strategic planning, organisational development and strategic mentoring - with a wealth of experience in change management in large private sector companies, NGOs and government departments. Rob's main emphasis is in strategic facilitation - working with people and their organisations. His change interventions have involved the development of strategic plans, restructuring of organisations, designing change maps and evaluation of projects and investments.

Rob's experience includes 15 years with a major corporate industrial conglomerate at divisional MD level, working in training, development, new business and corporate strategic development. His consulting activities have been across a wide range of sectors and countries for major international donor agencies, NGO and corporate partners. Rob has worked extensively in Africa, Europe , the Far and Middle East and Asia.

Rob is a Director of Purple Sheep and works from Harare, Zimbabwe.


Baki Mlalazi

Baki comes from a strong human resource and organisational development background and has recent experience in developing and implementing strategic planning processes. Baki has worked extensively in Africa for a range of government, NGO and major donor projects.

Baki has particularly strong people and communication skills and works well with both strategic and operational management levels. His consultancy experience covers both private and public sector organisations in strategy formulation and implementation, training and development, organisational restructuring, managing change, job evaluation and performance management. Recently, he has worked with international donor organisations on institutional assessments and project design and management.

Baki is a Director of Purple Sheep and works from Pretoria, South Africa


Maggie Magadza

Maggie is a communications specialist and works extensively with communities and civil society organisations. Maggie has a strong and diverse commercial background - from international retail to corporate energy companies. Maggie is a previous national Director  and Africa Regional Facilitator of an enterprise development NGO and currently works as an independent communications consultant.

Maggie has very strong communication, people and facilitation skills and has worked extensively in Africa and the UK.

Maggie is an Associate of Purple Sheep and works from Harare, Zimbabwe


Caroline Trigg

Caroline has extensive experience working in social and development sectors within Africa and specialises in the development of monitoring and evaluation systems, project management and research projects. Caroline has an agriculture background, and has worked in both the public and private sector.  She has major project experience in countries across Africa and has worked across many sectors including health, education and civil society.

Caroline is an Associate of Purple Sheep and works from London, UK and Harare, Zimbabwe.


Levan Roinishvili

Levan is a specialist in information systems, management and organisational development. Levan was educated in Georgia and the USA, has a private sector background and has worked on both donor and private sector projects - with particular experience in the health and banking sectors. Levan speaks several languages fluently, including Georgian, English & Russian.

Levan is an Associate of Purple Sheep and is based from Tbilisi, Georgia


Noah Matimba

Noah has an extensive private sector background at senior and executive management levels and has worked in a number of sectors in Southern Africa and Zimbabwe. He specialises in finance, budgeting, strategic planning, organisational and corporate development. Noah has particularly strong interpersonal skills and operates effectively at all levels.

Noah is an associate of Purple Sheep and is based from Harare, Zimbabwe


Dr Neil Williams

An experienced consultant and manager specialising in information systems engineering, with experience of commercial, public sector and not-for-profit environments. Neil has a successful track record of delivering advice, solutions and training to a broad range of clients and has experience in a variety of roles. With a systems and engineering background, Neil  has a broad technical and business expertise and specialises in developing, building and maintaining strong client partnerships at board, managerial and operational levels and  ensuring appropriate use of relevant best practice.

Neil has worked on software and IT development projects with major UK and European corporates across a variety of sectors. He also has extensive experience in the UK public sector.

Neil is an Associate of Purple Sheep and works from Fife, Scotland.