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Intuitive Infiltration 2009



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Purple Sheep is a Management Consultancy practice, specialising in developing organisations and people by working through all areas of the strategic management process. We are a group of active thinkers and thoughtful doers.


Purple Sheep has a creative  approach and a fresh view of the world. Serious and professional in what we do - we like to challenge convention as well!


We work with organisations and people of all types and at all levels - building capacity, developing people, increasing opportunities.....the normal consultancy stuff, but we believe we deliver with a special difference.


We like to approach the way we work with commonsense, using our experience to be creative and contextual. We develop approaches that find and use effective "drivers" and like to challenge and look beyond the conventional. We have developed the intuitive infiltration approach - contact us to find out more.


The Purple Sheep approach is based on experience of solutions that work - often in difficult operating environments and in diverse situations, from corporate boardrooms to post-conflict institutional rebuilding.


We draw our collective experience from our partners and associates - we are a group of  like minded people that enjoy working with each other. Geographical location is a not a barrier - we come from a wide range of different backgrounds and are based from Fife, with partners and associates around the world. That in itself gives us a unique Purple Sheep viewpoint.


Purple Sheep is a reminder that work and business should be dynamic, fun and fruitful. That creativity, commonsense and innovation can be applied to real situations and can deliver effective and meaningful results!




A PURPLE outlook on the world!


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